What Is Involved In A Lower Body Lift?

What Is Involved In A Lower Body Lift?

Perhaps you feel like no matter how hard you exercise and diet, the appearance of your lower body just won’t improve. Unfortunately, this is a very common complaint for men and women of all ages. A lower body lift is a solution when you have done your best to get in shape but your figure is lacking definition or loose skin is causing you to look less attractive. However, not everyone is a candidate for this surgery and it does require a longer recovery time than some procedures due to the extensive changes that will be done to your body. That being said, many people opt for this procedure every year and are absolutely thrilled with the results.


Before any cosmetic procedure, your plastic surgeon will evaluate your health and determine if the procedure you are hoping for is a good choice for you based on some basic criteria. For patients considering a lower body lift, it is ideal if the patient has already lost the weight they were planning to lose since this procedure is not focused on removing fat. The procedure can tighten relaxed muscles, remove excess skin and make loose skin taught again, which also improves the appearance of wrinkles and dimples for most people. People tend to need this procedure after rapid weight loss brought on by bariatric surgery or after an intense diet and exercise program. In addition to this requirement, you must have maintained this new lower body weight for at least one year.
The surgeon will also decide if you are a good candidate for the procedure by asking you about your medical history. If you suffer from diabetes or have heart problems, the surgeon may advise against the surgery due to the strain on your body and the healing required. Smokers and people with poor diets will need to change their habits before being accepted for the surgery because smoking and poor nutrition could hinder the healing process.


A lower body lift requires one incision around the body at hip-level. The scar is generally well-hidden by clothing and most people are not bothered by it, but you should expect to see where the incision was made even after the healing process is complete. If a scar around your whole waist bothers you, choosing a tummy tuck is a way to have a scar only on the front of your body. However, a lower body lift has the advantage of treating not only your abdomen, but also your buttocks, upper thighs and lower torso all in one procedure. The results are much more impressive than a tummy tuck alone.
During the procedure, excess skin around the incision line will be removed and the skin that is left will be pulled tight before it is sewn back up. Relaxed muscles will be pulled tight and the skin will be supported with deep sutures to keep everything in place during the healing process.


Considering that a lower body lift is an extensive procedure, the recovery time will be longer than a tummy tuck. In some cases, your surgeon may decide to keep you in hospital for a couple days to make sure that everything goes smoothly after the procedure. It is not recommended to go home the same day if you don’t have an adult present to help take care of you during the first few days of recovery. You will not be able to go back to work right away, but your surgeon can provide you with an estimate of how long you will need to wait before resuming normal activities.
Surgical drains may have been placed during the surgery. These drains will make sure that any excess fluid that builds up during the healing process is not trapped within the layers of skin and will make the healing process more comfortable for you. Your surgeon will explain how to properly care for these drains. You will also be required to wear compression garments to encourage proper blood flow during the healing process. A small amount of walking is a good way to help the healing process along and to prevent excessive swelling, although a certain amount of swelling is to be expected. After a couple of weeks, most people start to notice an improvement in how they feel.

If you are struggling with confidence issues regarding your lower body and have already met your weight loss goals, a lower body lift is the next step towards getting the body you have always wanted. The procedure can cover as much of your lower body as you like and can solve problems with loose and sagging skin that don’t go away with regular exercise. If you aren’t at an optimal weight for this surgery, speaking with your cosmetic surgeon can help you plan out a path towards reaching a body that you can be proud of. If you are not healthy enough for such an extensive procedure, there are always other ways to reach your goals, such as smaller surgeries over a longer period of time.

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